Helping Someone Stay in Control of Trades

The evolution of bitcoin has been something that has taken many people by surprise. People didn’t expect the little digital currency to grow so much and become such a hit with people. My mother was one of those people, and when she saw how much bitcoin was worth and how much some people were able to make from it, she wanted to buy some for herself. She has a little bit of a gambling streak in her, as she regularly plays lottery numbers, so that kind of plays into her desire to buy bitcoin. She requested that I help her get started with bitcoin.

I told my mother that I would help her if she agreed not to go crazy with it. She’s gone crazy with the lottery in the past, buying lots of lottery tickets and scratch off cards in the hopes of winning. Most of the time she wins nothing, but sometimes she’ll win a few dollars here and there. The most she’s won is $500 from a lottery ticket. These small winnings are what keeps her going. When she sees that it’s possible to win, she wants to win more. My mother agreed that she would not go overboard with her bitcoin investment.

In order to make sure that my mother sticks to her word, I used a bitcoin app to limit her trading to certain amounts. This would prevent her from buying huge amounts of bitcoin and dwindling her money down to nothing. She’s not the most tech savvy person, so anytime she wants to use her smartphone beyond making calls and playing a card game, she will call me and ask me to help her. Every now and then, I will tell her how her bitcoin is doing and show her the graph that tracks her trades.

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