I Am Going to Learn About Bitcoin

I have been very careful with my money for the most part. When I was 19 years old I inherited a fair amount of money from my great aunt, who also left me a small house that was one of several rental properties she owned. That was a real big deal to me. At the time it was not really so valuable, but I could live it and I fixed it up. Then I rented it out for awhile and then I sold it. That became my model, but right now I am going to investigate bitcoin era app. I assume that I am probably too late to make the real money from bitcoin and investing in it would come with a great deal of risk at this point. The price at which they sell bitcoins now is just out of my range. So instead I am looking at the knowledge that I need to find out what is next up.

It is not as though it is easy to figure out what the next big thing is going to be, almost every single direction that you turn you shall find some sort of new crypto currency. If you picked the right one and got in it before it took off then you could make incredible profits. People have obviously made millions from it, the people who went in at the beginning in a big way may have made 10’s or 100’s of millions in profits from either luck, boldness or cleverness. Myself, at that time was mostly focused on the fact that bitcoin was a way to get around legalities and tax obligations. I was thinking that our government would most likely find some way to get their cut of the pie, or just to shut it down if they could not.

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